Dave + Quin


Dave and Quin Cheung Self-Portrait

We are a couple in love. Our passion for God, each other and family is what drives us to create honest, emotive images every time we shoot.

Always fun, fresh and full of energy, we promise to use every single God-given talent, skill and resource to make the most of each and every moment we capture.

This is our labor of love.

Our Gift …

We believe in Love, and that life is much more than a series of individual moments strung together in time. Its complexity can be seen when trying to explain an emotion, or describe a feeling, taste, touch or scent. Scary to think we can never relive a moment … we can only remember.

Our gift is capturing moments and character with true emotion … images that move people … on something as frivolous as a piece of photo paper. Images of people frozen in time that tell a story beyond what they look like, but who they are as people … how and who they loved … what really matters.

Our Mission …

Our goal is to create images that stand the test of time. Not only bringing you back to the feelings, places and people you so fondly remember, but to capture your very being and character for friends and family to enjoy for generations to come.

Above all else, we strive to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through excellence in photography, customer relationship, and lifestyle. (Colossians 3:23)

Connect …

If the images you’ve seen on this website resonate with you, we know you will absolutely adore what we can create for you. We welcome the opportunity to connect with you and can’t wait to share your story.

In Love,

Dave & Quin Cheung

2 small asians  .  4 cameras

personal blog: NotSoAncientChineSecrets.com