Adventures in Montreal with Pauline & Todd

We had the privilege of shooting a destination engagement session for Pauline & Todd in Montreal.  Pauline is like a really old daughter, or perhaps better said, a much younger sister to me.  She’s got a heart that loves so deeply and utterly that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by her love at times, and that is what makes you love her all the more.  Pauline and Todd have spent time ministering to the poor in Africa and their desire to go back is what brought them to Montreal to learn to speak French and equip themselves to better serve those in need.  Todd is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge – useless or useful may sometimes be debated, lol.  Together they are an incredible couple and I consider any person who’s spent quality time with them, blessed.  Especially me.

Upon arrival in Montreal, one of the first things you notice is the bikes that you can rent anywhere along the street, and return at any designated bike rack.  Pauline needed no convincing, even in her pretty, flirty dress that girl was all game to ride!

This hands shot above is probably one of my fave engagement images of all time!

Stellar image above shot by the young dragonball Logan.

Another of our faves by super-assistant Logan.

Thanks for making our time in Montreal so memorable Pauline & Todd!  We love you!