Christine + Darryl’s Las Vegas E-Session

We’re going to interrupt Smita & Navin’s India saga for a few images from Las Vegas.  We had the great privilege of being asked to teach a platform at WPPI this year.  We are so thankful for the love and support from those who stayed an extra day and woke up early to hear us speak.  It was truly an honor to share our knowledge and hopefully inspire others to do what they never thought possible.

Since we were in Vegas, we met up with Christine & Darryl whom we’ll be shooting their wedding later this year to take some fun engagement shots.  Christine & Darryl are the type of people whom we were immediately attracted to.   Not only are they super cute and adorable, they’re incredibly easy going, happily doing anything we asked of them even if it meant ending up under the scrutiny of security officers.  Don’t worry, nothing illegal went down and we even got permission by security to keep on shooting.  :)  It was a great day to explore the beauty that Vegas has to offer, particularly in the new and ultra swanky Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Thanks Christine & Darryl for rocking out a killer shoot!