Connie + Jon’s Engagement Shoot

Shooting Connie & Jon was the photoshoot that inspired us to shoot our Cheungitos at this same location. It was temperamental weather day that blasted us with a twenty second wind storm as soon as we stepped out of our cars, and a bit later covered us in two solid minutes of monsoon rain. For some reason, despite the fear of electrocution from our battery powered flashes in the rain, we love shooting in inclement weather for the unpredictable and dramatic skies it offers. This backdrop seemed perfect especially for Connie & Jon who are big into anime culture and art. It allowed us to create some super-hero-ish imagery for them. When it comes to Connie & Jon together, theirs is a sweet, easy-going, natural and un-fussy kind of love. Having known Jon for years now, I have a feeling that celebrating their big day together will be extremely emotional and heart squeezing – we can’t wait! :)