Smita + Navin: the Us Session

I’m sad to say this post will conclude our adventure to the beautiful land of India. Hopefully it won’t be the last time we show images from there. Due to the insane flight issues we had, our trip got cut short and left us with next to zero time to really explore the city. I will add on a few images at the end of our attempts at “street shooting”… most of them were literally grabbed from the car window. It is on my to-do list to return one day and really experience and capture true India in all her glory.

In the meantime, I wish to devote this portion to Smita & Navin. From the moment we touched down from our 40 hour flight, Smita & Navin covered us under an umbrella of hospitality and consideration. We were constantly taken care of in a way that typically only family members would enjoy. Navin is the ultimate host and can work a room like nobody’s business. Smita has a genuine and honest charm that makes you simply want to just be around her. She also has a wicked sense of humor and Navin tends to bring out the most cheeky side of her. As much of a man’s man Navin is, it is the awesomest to see him melt for Smita, even when she pokes fun at him. :)

Smita & Navin, it was truly our honor to witness and capture your love. Thank you for a world-class experience and memories for life!