Mardi Gras Party!

Dave & I consider ourselves wedding photographers for the most part, however we feel greatly blessed to have become photographers-for-life for many of our past clients, now friends. You might remember the beautiful wedding of Hamsa & Emilio, the couple along with all their friends who can dance the pants off pretty much anyone I know. These are people who live life to the fullest, love each other to the deepest, and make everyone in their presence feel like the most special person alive.

We were pumped when Hamsa called to say she was planning a surprise Mardi Gras party to celebrate Emilio moving on in his career. I’m pretty sure what happened that night in l’il ole Calgary would rival any Mardi Gras party on the streets of New Orleans. This girl knows how to throw a serious party. There were costumes, gambling, dancers, and a performance put on by all of Emilio’s buddies that had the entire house in stitches. Even now, everytime I look at the images, I laugh until I’m in tears… everytime!

If there’s one thing I can say I’ve learned from being friends with Hamsa & Emilio, it’s this: we must not waste time to love the people around us, we must CELEBRATE each day we have together. Thank you H&E for the love and laughter you’ve shared with us. We <3 you and all your crazy friends too!