The Albano Family


Fall is a magical season, especially when it hits Kananaskis country…or “God country” as D likes to call it. I feel like some divine timing had played into the part of planning the Albano’s family shoot as we had already postponed it due to awful weather. Postponing our shoot by a couple weeks meant that we arrived at the peak of the fall season and we had a killer backdrop to work with, perfect for some DQ drama!

What I love about Teresa & Dave is that they are open books. When you speak to them, I feel like there are no pretenses, facades or masks. They are not afraid to be real and genuine and that is something that I find really rare in people today. In the times that I’ve gotten to know Teresa and she’s shared with me what society would deem as “flaws”, she’s become to me even more beautiful and strong. Her life story is one of insurmountable challenges that she’s overcome. Dave’s life is about climbing mountains, both in reality and metaphysically. I don’t think that it was by chance that these two extraordinary people got together and are changing the world through their unique life experiences.

Their sons Josh & Zach are mountains of energy themselves. We had a blast chasing them around with our cameras and seeing their personalities through our lens. I hope you enjoy the following frames from our time with the Albanos!