All the images you see here are of real people at real weddings. They could be your friends, neighbors, coworkers or relatives. We’re priviledged to capture them at their best, and even happier to be known as friends to them and their families. Here are some unsolicited words straight from their hearts.

Divya & Raj


I can’t stop watching. Luckily, this weekend is a weekend we are spending with my family.My Mom and dad have watched it and are in tears. All of my cousins are hurrying home so we can have a watch party. You both are about moments and I love that. Yesterday when we saw it for the first time, we didnt know what to say. It was a strange feeling. We didnt know how to process it and how we felt.  After we got off the call with you guys, we sat in silence for 5 minutes. Then we just looked over at each other and started laughing! Then we got up, put music on and danced in our living room. It was so bizarre. This morning Raj looked over at me and said “you are beautiful” and we watched it again and now we were able to talk about it since we could process that these images were actually of us on our wedding day! Now we cant stop watching! We will always be grateful.

A wedding is very stressful. It was especially very stressful for my parents. I was upset a few weeks ago because I was talking to my parents about the wedding and my dad said “you know Divya everything was so beautiful but it’s just a blur to me as I was so stressed. I wish I could remember the moments.”  My mom doesn’t even remember being in the room with me as I was getting ready. After showing them the pictures on your blog and the video, they were in tears. I asked my dad why he was in tears. His response was “Dave and Quin are two of the most talented people and I will always be indebted to them as they brought back the memories of my daughters wedding back to me and now I just feel right. I can feel those moments now” and of course my mom can’t even speak properly because she can’t stop crying.

Thank you will never be enough. Not only do we love you as photographers, we love you as people. Keep being the amazing people you are. You both are making a difference in people’s lives.

Have a safe and fun trip in Vegas! We can’t wait to talk soon!

Thanks for our “moments”.

Love always

D+R :)

Sheree & Lester


Dave & Quin,

We just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for a super fun shoot this morning! From the minute you guys left, Les and I couldn’t stop talking about you two! We truly admire you guys so much. We loved seeing your eyes light up with ideas once you entered the door : ) We were amazed at the way you function as an AWESOME pair of photographers and as a really cute, lovable couple! We can’t find the words to express how much fun we had today…All we know is that we can’t stop talking about EVERYTHING you did and we’ve been trying to guess how each pose will turn out… we’ll definitely be doing this for the next 12 weeks until we get to see what you’ve created for us. We had an appointment this afternoon with the priest to book our wedding and we even told HIM about our engagement shoot with you guys! haha We’re a crazy couple, but we’re happy and fortunate that you guys agreed to be our photographers.

Thanks a bunch :)


( . . . after the wedding viewing . . . )

Dave and Quin,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! : )

It’s one thing to find the perfect husband or perfect wife, and another to find the perfect photographers. We truly believe that we found the perfect photographers. You have captured our day better than anyone else possibly could have. We love every image in it’s own way. I didn’t know that so much emotion could be captured in one shot, until I met DQ. The talent, love, and passion you portray is admirable and incredibly inspirational. You have touched so many hearts through our engagement session, the DQ slideshow we played at our wedding, through your presence at the ceremony and reception, and now through the slideshow and hi-res files (we’ll be showing off until the day someone tells us they’ve seen it enough!) I have spent all my hours looking through our wedding images, undergoing the “crying-laughing-crying-laughing cycle” like I did on your couch during the premiere, but I can tell you that it has been a new experience each time.

Hope to see you around…. and like we said before, hopefully we can have you capture a future  maternity shoot, our children’s birthday parties and our children’s weddings too! -You’ll never be allowed to retire! haha Love you guys!


Sheree & Lester

Kyla & Brett


Hey guys, we are back in the real world after a nice honeymoon, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all that you guys did for us, I cannot express my true feelings and i really feel bad that i kept calling you “lil asians”, i’m sure it was annoying as heck as it didn’t hit me until the end of the night when you called me a big white goof or something like that and I wanted to let you know that you are my favourite all time photographers that we will always remember and I don’t want you guys to think that I’m such a redneck, well I kind of am but i didn’t mean it in a negative way.

Once again, thank you, and I look forward to spending some $$$ on our fabulous shots, i can only imagine how great they are … The funny thing is the only time i actually choked up the whole day is when i was thanking you as it meant a lot to us to be blessed enough to have you shoot our wedding after you had done Kim and Al’s, truly was meant for us to run into you guys at the fair.


Arpan & Anil


Dear Quin and Dave,

I just wanted to thank you so much, this email would have come earlier but we just got back from the honeymoon! We truly are so honored to have had you there as more then just the best photographers (in the world ) but as friends. I am truly the happiest person that we got to spend time with you guys, not only do we look up to your outstanding work but you guys as a couple are so inspirational we two can  only hope to be the perfect couple in love and work like the two of  you, touchwood and god bless this union forever. And I can’t wait to have you guys over! Please come visit us soon.

P.S. those pictures are so surreal they always take us back to the most special moment in our lives and all thanks to you. We can’t thank you enough for this, we love you guys so much. Big hug lots of love

Kind regards always,

Arpan and Anil

Yvonne & Kenny


Hey Quin!

Oh Em Gee!! This is AH-MAZING!!!! Just when We thought you couldn’t blow us away you with any more awesome shots you go ahead and do it again!! Love it!!!

Jennifer & Chris


You two are such an amazing couple.  You are not only an inspiration in the business world, but as a married couple.  We were so honoured to be able to witness the love and respect you have for each other.  We wanted to thank you for all you did for us and all that you are.

Amy & Jeremy


Team DQ,

The album rocks!!! hollaaa!!!!  We got it in and it took the two of us to unwrap and deadlift the badboy onto our coffee table.  I gotta say it was more than worth it! :)  It is so beautiful and brilliant and looking through it felt like a time warp back to the wedding day itself.  Thank you thank you DQ!!!

Pauline & Todd


Hi DQ!!!

WOW!!! we DID see the images! i think we are just so stunned by then we don’t know what to say!

The first thing we noticed was what you wrote about us. sounds a bit narcissist doesn’t it? it actually was a huge lift of encouragement that made us cry. when we scrolled through your images we felt overwhelmed by how much you love us… even logan, we have fallen in love with your next generation of adopted children… haha! we could hear the shutters from the cameras, the giggles behind your lenses, the light flashes that captivate the people around us. most of all we felt the love from you both as you looked through these images of us. For me, you have seen me at my best but at my worst, and even at the times you cannot retouch at the click of your finger. your love for us in the most original and genuine way reaches us all the way out here. THANK YOU.

Mili Rangnani (Sister of the bride who planned the wedding)



I cant get over the incredible work you and Dave have done. I can feel the actual emotion of the whole wedding when I look at your images.

I was too pre-occupied during the wedding to interact with you and Dave to express my gratitude for capturing these precious moments. As you can imagine, having to plan the whole wedding on my own was quite a task. I really wish I had the chance to spend more time with everyone, but I honestly took on more responsibility than I could handle and ended up losing out on the opportunity to interact with everyone. Regardless, I could sense by just being in the vicinity of you and Dave, what wonderful people you both really are.

I genuinely appreciate your efforts and could not possibly thank you in words. I know you worked endless hours and I can see your love in each and every image. May God always shower his blessings on you and your families.



Amer and Heelah

Hi Dave and Quin,

I know it’s been a few weeks but we’re finally getting settled in Los Angeles after the wedding and honeymoon and we just wanted to take a moment to thank you. Obviously we haven’t seen the pictures but the experience of working with you was fantastic from start to finish. From everyone who interacted with you over the course of the evening, we received nothing but raves. The families, especially, were both very impressed and really enjoyed the experience – to the point that Heelah’s parents already have you in mind for their son’s wedding (no bride yet but that’s just a minor issue :)). You were both an enormous amount of fun and we really appreciate everything you did – from covering the Nikah to staying late during the reception …

… From your web site it looks like you’re on a whirlwind tour of the world – so hopefully you have a moment to relax soon. Take good care of yourselves and your family – you’re both wonderful people.

All our best, Amer and Heelah

( . . . after viewing their slideshow for the first time . . . )

Hi Dave and Quin,

Heelah and I just looked at the slideshow. Do you ever get tired of being right? lol. Your images did, indeed, blow us away. We were floored. Start to finish they were extraordinary. We had high expectations from what we’d seen on your web site and these top anything we were expecting. Heelah and I were just noting that it was serendipitous that we had to move our wedding, lose our initial photographer, and find you. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your work. As fellow artists I think we have a good eye and understand quality, and you are both sublimely gifted …

… Thanks again so very much and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best, Amer and Heelah :)

( . . . a couple days later . . . )

Hi Dave,

… The early response to the photos has been nothing short of spectacular – every person who has viewed them – friend or family – has given us just about any “spectacular” type adjective that one could think of. And note that these are very discerning people, not easily impressed, many of whom are married and already had a benchmark for great wedding photos. Simply put, they were all stunned – and nearly all said these were, by a long shot, the best wedding photos they had ever seen. Y’all worked some miracles that weekend. :)

… Thanks again for all your work. We really can’t say enough about how wonderful you’ve both been.

Be well,

Amer and Heelah

( . . . a couple weeks later . . . )

Hi Dave and Quin!

I know Amer already did a good job of conveying our gratitude….but I really have to say, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! After looking at the pictures (I should really call them masterpieces), it was like reliving our wedding weekend. I love the way each image in succession tells the whole story. I started crying all over again while looking at the ones that captured the emotion of the nikah and reception. My family thanks you also for the beautiful candid shots, they fell in love with them and with you both. Everyone was taken with your non-obtrusive style, stealth and extreme cuteness. They were unsure whether to smile for you or hug you ;) Oh yeah, all my single cousins can’t wait to get married just so they can have you come back out here…I think you left behind a fan club!

I can’t quite put into words what it’s like looking back on the best two days of my life through your amazing perspectives. You guys just simply rule. You have my eternal thanks, hugs, kisses and best wishes for life =)



April & Mario


We have such high expectations and left last night feeling like we got more than we bargained for. We went to view our wedding photos and left with a whole lot more. The whole experience was refreshing, motivating, but most of all inspirational. You guys are talented on so many levels and we feel that we are blessed to have experienced your hospitality, warmth and affection. We spent at least an hour last night, after we got home, looking at our pictures and DVD. You know you are viewing remarkable images when part way through you notice that your heart is beating a little bit faster and your eyes feel dry because you haven’t blinked in some time … There is much more we can say but the words aren’t coming easily as we still feel like we are in shock. Thank you so much!

We sincerely wish you both continued blessings!

April & Mario

Angie & Dave

Hey Dave & Quin!

We just took a look at your site and found 2 of our pictures! What can I say! You have once again totally exceded our greatest expectations, and thats only 2 images.

I wanted to drop you a line before we went away to let you know how much we love you guys! Having you at the wedding made the day so perfect. Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is amazing, we couldn’t help but be absorbed by it! Your happiness and laughter rubs off on everyone around you. I can’t imagine our day without you! You 2 have been given an amazing gift, and we are so delighted to have had the opportunity to share in it. They say a picture speaks a 1000 words, well yours speak a million! You are by far in your own league!

Will talk to you soon, All our love,

Angie & Dave

( . . . after receiving their Albums . . . )

Hey Guys!

We wanted to let you know how grateful we are that you both were such a special part of our day. We couldn’t imagine the wedding without you. The images you created capture everything that memory forgets, every little moment, every stolen glance, even things I can’t remember! The only sad thing is that it’s all over. But we will forever have these perfect images to remind us of every moment, even the ones we were to busy to notice. We will forever remember your kindness and enthusiasm, (and of course your patience!) we’re honored to have had the chance to work with you. Everyone who see’s our album ( and believe me, we show everyone!) is blown away by your talent. We recommended you to our friends … ( hope this is o.k:)) No amount of words can express our gratitude, except to say Thank you so much!

Lots of Love & Best wishes to you and your family! Stay in touch.



Good morning Dave & Quin,

Thank you for the teaser trailer you have prepared for us! They are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos! Thanks for being there to capture our most precious memories on our big day! Everyone keeps telling us how amazing the photos look, and we keep telling everyone how you guys were the ones that put that sparkle in our eyes in our photos that make them so magical!

Also, aside from the event, I also wanted to thank you two for being you. Your togetherness as a couple – your love and commitment to each other and to your art was a real inspiration for Adam and I. After the engagement shoot we had done with you, and on our drive home, Adam told me it inspired him to want to take a larger part in helping me with my dog training business as well – just to be able to work side by side together like you do. I have to say I am so floored by his commitment – I think we both feel blessed to have met the two of you.

Thanks again for the wonderful experience, and I’m sure we’ll be back for more pictures in the future! Can’t wait to see the package!



the Chulsky’s

What can we say?

There are no words to describe to you how much we LOVE the pictures.

You two are very special.

Your work speaks for itself. Your phones will be ringing off the hook. (if it isn’t already)

You have a lovely home, and next time we need to see the boys.

You have captured our family in pictures that put big lumps in our throats.

We are your #1 fans.

Keep up the terrific work.

Being as hot, and stylish as you two are…isn’t that bad either.

Take good care.

Kim, Alex, Adam and Zach (and Henry Fonda [inside joke ;)])

( . . . after receiving their Family Album . . . )

Hi you two…

Alex brought home the “goods” last night, and there are NO words to describe how beautiful the lifestyle book is. It is just amazing! You two are amazing! The book captures our entire family, and it puts a lump in my throat from page 1. Thank you so much for everything. We really really want the canvas pictures, so as soon as we are settled in the new house, you will be hearing from us …

… Enjoy the rest of your summer. Be well, and we will see you or talk very soon. :)

Annie & Keenan

We absolutely LOVE our photos!!!!!!!!!! We have had tons of compliments. You guys are famous in Edmonton hehehe. Keenan and I can’t stop watching the beautiful slideshow you put together for us.

You guys did such an amazing job capturing the moment. I love the pictures of my mom and Keenan’s parents. I love them all hehehe. We had a great time at our wedding and your pictures capture all that.

Thank you!!!!!

We are truly honoured to have you as our photographers. Like I said choosing DQ Studios as our photographer was the best wedding decision we made. You two are one of the sweetest couples we know and we’re truly thankful to call you guys our friends :O) We had some much fun laughing and working with you. You truly made us feel so comfortable and I was confident that all your photos would turn out great. Hey I was even willing to lie in the middle of the road for you in my wedding dress hehehe. It was fun :O) Our engagement and wedding photos have just blown us away. We can’t wait to see our album now!!!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Your Friends,

Annie & Keenan

PS: How can we forget about our rain-check :O) See you soon!!!!

Sharon & Jeff

( . . . after their e-session . . . )

Dave and Quin!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That’s us??!?! Jeff and I actually look good together in these pictures!!!! You know how rare that is for us??? hahahahhahaha!!!! Jeff and I are amazingly happy about them. You’ve captured a side of us that we didn’t even knew existed!!!!

The teaser will keep me entertained until I receive the CD!!! So far, I’ve teased myself…hmm….say about 20 times in the last 10 minutes!!

Your cool friends (hahahaha),

Jeff and Sharon

( . . . two days after their wedding . . . )

Dear Dave & Quin,

I am already back to work, I still can’t believe the wedding was only 2 days ago! I’m sitting here on my break at work reliving all the moments in my head, but all I could think about is both of you!!

“Wicked!! Awesome!! Beautiful!!” … that’s what you two kept saying while shooting for Jeff and I on our big day. But do you know what really is Wicked, Awesome and Beautiful?? You TWO!!!!!

There is no doubt in my mind that Jeff and I will be blown away by the images, that’s a fact. But what blows us completely away are your personalities. Other than your amazing eye for art and beauty, what differs you from other photographers and most people for that matter, is the way you treat the couple and the people around you. You somehow manage to make every couple feel so special as if that was your only wedding for the year (which is FAR, FAR from the truth)!! Despite your hectic schedule, you two were always full of immense amounts energy, creative ideas and patience galore.

This is just part #1 of many thank yous you will get from me, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for both of you that I am bursting at the seams!!!! No guarantees that we won’t pull anymore chinese heros trick! Thank you for being our dream photographers. Our wedding day definately wouldn’t have been the same without you two love birds!!!

With MUCH, MUCH love,

Sharon & Jeff

( . . . six months after their wedding . . . )

Hey Quin,

Nothing much, was just thinking about you and Dave – I have to confess, I just finished stalking your website :p Art-on-Canvas huh?? Why oh why do you do this to us?!?!??!! hahahaahahah

Speaking of confessions – a girl at work walked up to me the other day and said:

Girl: “Sharon, I have a confession to make”

Me: Thinking quietly “Oh crap, what did I do wrong”

Girl: “After you showed us your wedding pictures the other day, I went home & stalked your wedding pictures, I looked at every single one of them!! They are the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen in my life!!!”

Yes, showing off your images have been my daily routine at work these days, whenever it’s quiet, you’ll find me sneaking to the computer and pulling the site up!! Obsessed?? Me? No..never…..

I have received TONNES, I mean TONNES, did I mention TONNES, of compliments on them ranging from “WOW, it looks straight out from the magazine/movie” to people coming up to me at work and telling me the exact number of the picture they liked!!! Someone even said to me “I love your wedding”, even though they weren’t there. Point being – You and Dave are simply amazing, actually, amazing would be an understatement, you guys are beyond amazing!!!!! You guys create such breathtaking art, it simply just draws the viewers right into the picture, the moment…

Anyways, just thought I’d send another “Thank you, Muchas Gracias, Domo arigato” kind of email from us. Thank you for the UMPTEEN time for giving us a gift that keeps on giving. Your work sweeps me off my feet everytime I look at it, it is not something you can even put a price tag onto. No thank yous or kind gestures will ever be enough to express how appreciative we are!

Thank you Quin and Dave!

Miss ya, The night owl

Ingrid & Robert

Dave + Quin,

Hope the rest of your Baja trip went well.

Upon returning to California, we decided to stick around SF as there was no snow in Tahoe. We figured there could be worse places to hang out than San Francisco. I’ll admit it was a bit depressing to come back from the beach, sun, friends, and family …

The teasers are beautiful, thank you.

We would also like to thank you for an amazing experience. You are great fun to work with, the perfect balance of guiding us on what to do yet allowing the freedom to express ourselves. And everyone else LOVED you guys “the paparazzi”.

We’ll talk soon,


( . . . several days later . . . )

Dave + Quin,

We received the package. The photos are wonderful. The color, style and texture are perfect. But most impressive is your eye, the framing and compositions are continuing to impress us. The photos really transport us back to our time in Mexico. And since the whole wedding really is a blur, these are so valuable.

We can’t wait to share them with our friends and family. Let us know when you are able to post them for viewing.

I know we’ve said this a number of times already, but thank you for helping make our wedding an amazing event.

Robert + Ingrid

( . . . several weeks later . . . )

Hi Guys

… The dust is finally settling from our wedding and the holidays, and it’s kinda nice to just relax a bit …

Our friends are admitting that our photos are even better than their own! That’s a tough thing to admit for people.

Also, there are many friends and family who were unable to attend our wedding in Baja. We didn’t anticipate how powerful the images are in immersing them in the feeling of the wedding day, and night!

Thanks again,

Robert + Ingrid

Erin & Matthew

Dave and Quin,

Matthew and I received our slideshows and could not have been happier with the results!! Infact even after watching them at least 10 times already it still makes us both cry like babies. Our family and friends we have shared them with cannot maintain a dry eye either!! We cannot thank you enough for capturing the most important day of our lives in such a beautiful way.

The difference between your photos and other photographers is that you don’t just capture a picture or a moment, you somehow manage to capture the exact emotion of your subjects in a way that by simply looking at it they are brought right back to what they were feeling that very second. I am trying to express our gratitude in words …. which simply cannot be done …. but your work is priceless and we will treasure it always . . .


Erin and Matthew

Amy & Dwayne

Quin and Dave,

We would like to extend our thanks to such a wonderful couple.

You both are such extraordinary people and photographers. You allowed us to be ourselves during our photos, by doing this you managed to capture the real moments and memories that will never be forgotten.

Each time we share our images, every detail and thought floods our minds and brings us back to a day we will cherish forever.

Thank you again for telling our story with such beautiful photography.

Your friends,

Amy and Dwayne

Leslie & Troy

Quin & Dave,

Well here I am, at 1:00am on a Friday night never less, re-living my wedding day AGAIN for like the 100th time since we left your house just a week ago! Even with my repeated visits I still manage to notice something different, experience a different emotion, every time I look at them. Simply put I am amazed – as is everyone who has since been able to see them.

Your images have made our family and friends laugh, cry, and ultimately be at a loss for words. You managed to capture every magical moment – so much so, that those from far away now feel like they were there – celebrating along with us. We put our trust in you, knowing that your vision would guide you, literally making our day a true work of art. You recently described our images as “moments” and I truly believe that there is no better word for them. They’re not just pictures, snapshots of a perfect day, but emotion-filled memories that will last a lifetime.

We would like to thank you from the botton of our hearts for everything you did to make our day all that more special. I can only hope that our marriage is forever filled with the warmth and love that you share for each other. You will forever be in our hearts.

Friends always,

Leslie & Troy

Colleen & Brandon


Thanks you again – for everything. Brandon, I and our families are blown away. The pictures couldn’t be more perfect and I can’t wait to share our day with you guys … I hope you stay and enjoy the rest of the night with us, after your busy few hours at the reception. Of all the photographers I have worked with all over the world, you both are by FAR my favorite. Thank you for lending us your gift of captured memories.

Colleen & Brandon

( . . . one year after their wedding . . . )

Hello Dave & Quin!

Can you believe how quick time passes? We have been very blessed, this past year has been full of first time everythings! How wonderful! We have been thinking of you often, and watching the site to see where you are travelling to now. We are so proud lto be a part of your bio. You are doing so well! Congratulations. We can’t wait to work with you again when we are blessed with a bun in the oven. P.S. all my friends still rave about you when they see our pictures, and they send them to others and so on, and so on it goes. I am slowly one by one pushing them to you. I think 2 have booked so far … I hope you enjoy the day with them. Another on the way I hope.

Can i just say again, Brandon and I watch our wedding picture DVD’s all the time, and every time we are brought right back to the day like it was yesterday we said “I DO”. I can’t believe how well you captured each moment. I can even hear the sounds and smell the smells of that day. It makes my cheeks hurt! Thank you again.

We visited the park on our anniversary and took a quick trip to the mountains for a few days and spoiled ourselves. It was fantastic. But we have been saving our money and trying to decide what pictures to get. My advice to anyone booking with you, warn them that ‘it is impossible to pick pictures to hang in their home.’ It seems so unfair to pick one picture over another because they are all so amazing. It is simply not fair to all the other pictures. Although Brandon and I can’t quite decide, my parents are very eager to get theirs . . .

Anyway, I hope you both are well along with those beautiful babies! Calgary seems to be a wonderful gateway for you both. Many blessings and wonderful treasures to you! Thank you again for working so hard for us. Always thinking of you. Keep in touch! God Bless.

Colleen & Brandon xo

Jamie & Nadine


Thanks for the course last night. It was super informative. Thank you also for the perfect wedding album. Nadine and I both looked at it again last night at 12:30am when we got home, because we just had to …

… We feel that we have been blessed to have had the two of you as our photographers and thank you for the shoots. There was not one second where we had any doubt about the quality of art we would receive. It has been an honour. Not once did you ever treat us like customers yet you always treated us like friends.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing more of your work on the world stage.


Jamie & Nadine

Parents of the Groom

Dave & Quin,

Everyone that has seen the photo’s & slideshow, huge understatement …better described as ART of Darren & Kathleen’s wedding are overwhelmed. The comments range from unbelieveable to O’ My God! You both are truly artists, through your art you have touched us down to our souls and the emotions that we share while truly marveling at your creations will never be forgotten.. Your humble and loving nature allow people to get to know you and trust you, your professionalism is absolutely first class. We are truly happy to have met you and your friendship will always be cherished. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and the best to you and your family.”

Guy & Lorraine Langille … father and mother of the groom

Kelvin & Charmaine

Dave & Quin,

Thanks for taking our pictures and eating our food. Thanks to you, everyone thinks we’re better looking than J-Lo.

Kelvin & Charmaine

Mother of the Bride

Hello Dave & Quin,

I just want to say how very much I LOVE the work you did on Kimberly and Kene’s wedding photos! They are absolutely exquisite … but you already know that … LOL.

Thank you for being there and photographing all the special moments … We will always have such fond memories of a very special time!

You two are so very talented … as well as dedicated to the pursuit of excellence … and it definitely shows in the final product.

You have caused all of us to never want to settle for second best again!

I have never seen finer photography … nor finer people!

Thank you, thank you, thank you …

Sincerely, Francis (Mother of the Bride)

Kim & Al

Dear Dave & Quin,

We were just at your home and I came back to the office to check your website out as I haven’t yet seen it. I just want to let you both know how much we admire your photography but not only that. We admire you both and have very much enjoyed being able to work with you. We look forward to being photographed again when I am pregnant and when we have little ones. I hope I look as good as Quin when I am pregnant! Thanks guys … for everything.

– Love

Kim & Al

( … a couple years after their wedding … )

Hi Dave and Quin, Just happened to be checking out your website and thought I would drop you a line. How is Cowtown treating you??? We are doing really well. Al and I are expecting our first little one here any moment. I am due the 29th of September. We are more than ecstatic. Life has been really good to us. We have done a lot of camping this summer, boating, golfing and just having fun. My pregnancy has been uneventful and for the most part I am feeling myself. I have continued to golf and go to the gym throughout so I feel like I haven’t missed out on anything except for my watersports. There is always next year. I am taking French lessons so that I can converse with Al’s family better and our baby.

Enough about us…your work is still awesome and I still have people complimenting us on our photographers. Thanks so much for the artwork of our wedding and engagement pictures. We still cry every time we watch the DVD! Hope you are well.

Lots of love,

Kim & Al

Chris & Kim

… We (Jason, myself, our families and our friends) cannot thank you enough for the unbelievable memories that you have captured for us. We are still stunned everytime we look through our proof magazine or watch our slideshow. The photos are absolutely amazing. We have had the most wonderful compliments (and even some sincere tears) from absolutely everyone who has seen them. More importantly, WE love them. I can’t say enough about the two of you and your amazing work. (Which is why I’ve been giving out your name and cards like crazy… the photos speak for themselves and I’m sure you will have at least a few referrals from us!!) Thank you so much for my being able to justify to Jason and our families why it was so important to me to find great photographers (and to justify spending the $…) YOU CAPTURED THE DAY THAT I WORKED SO HARD FOR PERFECTLY… you were our dream photographers!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you … – Jolene & Jason

Well, we are finally back at home in Los Angeles, settling into “married life” and loving every minute of it. It’s so wonderful to be back together – in the same city and the same house. I don’t think we’ve stopped smiling since we walked down the aisle. Everyone is still talking about the wedding…including ourselves. We couldn’t have asked for a more magical weekend!

Well, we don’t even know where to begin in thanking you. Our pictures are amazing. I think the best way to describe our feelings about them is to say that everytime we flip through the site or watch the slideshow, we feel like we are completely reliving our day. You caught every moment – big and small, and your artistry has us in awe. We’ve been showing our pictures off to everyone and we should tell you that you’ve been getting non-stop, rave reviews. We are so thrilled to have had you with us on our wedding day, not only for your talent, but also for your beautiful personalities and energy. We had such a great time with you. So, with all of that said…

thank you from the bottom of our hearts. :)

– Chris & Kim