A Sneak Peek of Rayanne + Ray’s Wedding at The Oasis Centre

We’re in the thick of retouching a pile of weddings from this season, and because we personally retouch every single image, it truly is a labor of love for us. Making each image sing to it’s fullest is partly like making music and partly like watching magic. Even though I’m the one making it happen, it’s still magical watching an image “develop” before you… in the old days it would happen in buckets of solution, nowadays, it’s on the screen in front of me. I love seeing the best elements of an image come to life… I know when an image is finished when it sings to my eyes. Rayanne + Ray’s images above are ones that truly made my heart happy finishing them. Many more coming soon!

Btw, can anyone find the bunny? And nope that ain’t my fancy retouching. :D