Alexandra + Colin’s Mountain Wedding at the Rimrock Resort, Banff

It was Alexandra’s family that drew us to attend Rockpointe Church when we first moved to Calgary, the place we happily call our home church. Alexandra being eldest of 6 kids, her entire 8 person family are wildly talented, artistic, charismatic and funny to to the point of inappropriate, which is absolutely why we love them so. With Colin at her side, you’ll rarely ever see two people as in love. He is her perfect match: deeply artistic, music lover, food lover and half Asian to boot!

I love that nothing stressed them out. Even when her tie-dye dress stained her armpits blue that morning, she laughed like it was the best thing in the world. Even when he cut a hole in his sweater he just traded sweaters with his groomsman.

With their hearts set on an outdoor mountain wedding on the patio of the Rimrock Resort, it was a close call with rain and chill in the morning forecast. But the day cleared and provided the most amazing setting for Colin to sing to his new bride.