Christina (plus) Nathan’s Wedding at the Vue Cafe

I’m so excited to share images from the heart squeezing wedding of fellow photographers: Christina (plus) Nathan. We had the pleasure of photographing them at the new and modern Le Germain Hotel, as well as Hotel Arts, before witnessing their intimate wedding at the Vue Cafe.

Christina might be tiny in size, but she is overflowing with magnetic energy and alive with spunk. Nathan is totally cool, solid like a rock, and a kick butt bass player which makes him extra awesome in my eyes. What I admire about these two is while handling dual careers in photography and music (two of my most favorite things on the planet), they have also raised one heck of a 10 year old son. He is one of the most well mannered, smart, and delightful boys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Cheers to you Christina and Nathan! Not only have Dave & I fallen in love with you and your family, we admire and respect you as amazing parents, which to us, is the best thing you can ever be. :)