Christine + Darryl’s Vancouver Wedding at the Shangri-La

I’ve been eagerly awaiting to share Christine & Darryl’s wedding, not only because of how beautiful it was, held at the gorgeous Shangri-La Hotel, but also because of how funny, cheeky, emotional and REAL it was. I Love it when our clients feel free enough to simply BE in front of our lens, and not have to pretend to be someone they are not. Christine & Darryl broke tradition and saw each other before the ceremony in order to spend the day together. They wanted to have photos taken in Chinatown…. in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant eating noodles with their best friends. They didn’t mind walking through the most questionable parts of Chinatown, and snacking on egg-rolls in the parking garage where we happened to be taking photos. In the moments between us setting up lights and getting ready for a shot, you can be sure to catch them doing something goofy like having thumb wars or pulling off some crazy antic to make the other person laugh. You can always count on ne’er-a-dull-moment ringing true when you are with these two and I when I think about their wedding day, I always smile. :)

Special thanks to ROA Designs for her beautiful floral arrangements and killer design work.