Erica + Jon’s Calgary Wedding

Here are just a few reasons why Erica & Jon’s day was beyond awesome:

–> They got dressed in the same house and saw each other for the first time as soon as they were ready.

–> It rained during their photos and they totally didn’t mind shooting in the rain.

–> The deep emotions felt during the tea ceremony made it one of the most touching and powerful tea ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed.

–> 1000 paper cranes folded by hand and with love.

–> He sang to her as she walked down the aisle.

–> Instead of a unity candle, they planted a tree. Jon opened the bag of soil in true ninja form, sword and all. (Every asian has an inner ninja.)

–> Best reception game: The lucky participant wears headphones and sings a song only they can hear into the mic. The song is a very popular one…only it’s in a different language. The crowd must guess the song. Amazingly enough, it worked!

–> Father of the groom kissed a groomsman.

–> First-dance turned hip-hop-dance-off!