Euna & Matt’s Wedding Teaser

468_em_170632d21There’s something intensely beautiful about two people of different races, cultures and backgrounds coming together and celebrating what makes them unique. I especially love to witness how couples incorporate slices of tradition from each culture to make their wedding day truly their own. Euna, you come from a traditional Korean family, but unlike typical asians kids who are strongly encouraged to pursue degrees in medicine, law, engineering, or accounting, you’ve become a super successful fashion stylist here in Canada. Matt, you’re a buff guy with even buff-er personality. After hanging out with you, your big teddy bear heart is impossible to hide. You guys are the perfect compliment for each other and your wedding showed off the many facets of make you unique as individuals and together as a couple.

Enjoy the teaser we put together for you. Can’t wait for you to see the rest!