Hamsa + Emilio’s Geek-Chic-Sneak-Peek





It was love at first sight for Emilio when he spotted her, a dark haired beauty, dancing with friends.  He managed to get the last dance, and her name, Hamsa, before the music ended and they parted ways, unsure if he’d ever see her again.  It was 2 weeks later, by chance he saw her at a nearby Wal-Mart in the return line.  He remembered her name, Hamsa, and they haven’t been apart since.

Hamsa & Emilio have a chemistry that would turn a frozen fudgsicle into a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  They also have the ability to light up a room with the sheer power of their joy and exuberance.  They are some of the sweetest, most caring, loving and beautiful people we know.  And we are so proud to call them our friends.

Not to mention, they can both shake booty like nobody’s business!

More coming from their wedding soon…