Irene + Victor’s Wedding: Geek-Chic-Sneak-Peek



I have to admit I was more nervous than usual to arrive at Irene’s door the day of her wedding.  Just the Wednesday before she had been a student in our Photophilia Workshop and after taking our class, I’m sure her expectations of us would be that much higher for what we could do on her wedding.  Within 5 minutes of being in her presence I knew it was going to be a wonderful day.  :o)

When I reflect on our time with Irene & Victor, the biggest thing that comes to mind is how much we laughed, both with them and their friends and family.  Laughter carries joy, healing, love, friendship, freedom and it is obvious that this is shared between Irene & Victor and their circle.

Dave’s Geek image above was shot at the new SAIT parking garage.  We heard about it from our good friend and master architect Kelvin Lim (  Seriously, this is one parking garage that is worth checking out.    The wall is made from cut out circles of metal each one angled slightly differently to give you the gorgeous image of clouds in the sky.  Pure architectural genius captured by pure photography genius (yeah, that’s my guy I’m talking about and yeah, I’m totally biased).

I love my Chic image because of the great shadows and repetition in the glass.  It’s one of those shots you just can’t plan and jump for joy once you see it in the final take.

Irene & Victor, I couldn’t imagine having a better day with the both of you.  You totally lived in the moment and meaning of your day together and that is what creates spectacular images…. which we have many more of coming your way. :o)  We are honored to call you friends and look forward to making more wonderful memories with you!