Irene + Victor’s Wedding Teaser

Irene & Victor are what we fondly call “pet parents”.  I figured this would be a perfect time for their beautiful dog Cashew to make it’s debut into their wedding pictures.

In the images below, you’ll see Irene walking down the aisle with huge tears in her eyes and Victor squeezing his eyes shut to hold back his emotion.  These are some of my FAVORITE images.  They are so raw and so transparent.  Seeing these images brings me back to the power of that moment and the love that these two people share.  It’s what makes my job worthwhile, because I hope that one day it’ll do the same, and more, for Irene & Victor.  If each time they see these images, the love they feel for each other can be renewed in their hearts, then I *know* I’ve done my job for them.

I hope you enjoy our view of Irene & Victor’s wonderful day…

Image above shot by our young dragonball Logan