Kathy + Andrew’s Wedding: Geek-Chic-Sneak-Peek



If you were to ever meet a girl who knows exactly what she wants, is totally confident in who she is, and is not afraid to speak her mind, that girl would be Kathy.  If you were to ever meet a boy who is the perfect compliment to such a girl, that boy would be Andrew.  I’m absolutely enthralled with Kathy & Andrew because they are total opposites of each other, but fit perfectly together, like puzzle pieces that complete a whole.

Kathy is a girl full for quirks.  She thinks out loud.  She loves out loud.  She breaks into spontaneous song (and sometimes dance).  She loves the chicken dance.  She snorts when she laughs.  It was the perfect moment when the priest marrying them described his surprise when Andrew first announced he was dating Kathy, Kathy giggled and snorted.  The entire St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Church exploded in laughter.   All these big qualities wrapped up into one petite girl makes it impossible to do anything but love her.

I will forever remember this beautiful couple by the phrase that Kathy would tell Andrew: “Your only job is to love me”.

Thank you Kathy & Andrew for braving mosquitos, the underbelly of bridges, and laying upside-down on stairs for us.  You are both incredible troopers and I can guarantee that it has paid off in images of a lifetime.  :o)  It is obvious how cherished you are by your friends and family and I’m so touched by how you cherish them back.  We can’t wait to see you again, and show you many more wonderful moments from you day!