Melissa + Omar’s Wedding at the Valley Ridge Golf Course

Happy New Year!

As everyone knows, a wedding day can be really awesome, but also really stressful. As much as you put plans in place for the perfect day, it can often times be completely unpredictable. This vulnerability is what I love about photographing weddings. In fact, sometimes our best images come from the heartfelt emotion and spontaneity of imperfection. As I photographed Melissa & Omar, my heart literally grew in love for them as the day went on. Melissa laughed over re-painting her toenails that morning, and cracked up when she discovered the rich green dye of her shoes stained her feet. She cried when we walked down the aisle and braved one of the windiest photo sessions in history… and still looked gorgeous through it all. It’s obvious that Omar is her rock and the depth of their love together is wonderful to witness. I couldn’t have planned a more perfect day for these soulmates. Thank you, M+O for sharing your hearts with us and enjoy your images!