Monisha & Divyaang’s Indian Wedding in Bangkok: Day 2

Today’s images require some explanation. Moni & Div mentioned that they’d be throwing a pool/foam party. No big deal right? People relaxing by the pool, having drinks, maybe taking a dip. We were very mistaken. What we encountered was an elaborate truss system that actually RAINED water on the guests. Behind the rain were two tall pillars that continuously erupted with enormous fountains of foam. And if that wasn’t enough fun, there was live music and performances that kept the energy on unbelievable highs for hours. It was every kid and adult’s dream play party.

The evening was a huge treat for many guests as Moni & Div hired Bollywood superstar Sonu Niigaam to perform. It was such a memorable evening that continued until the wee hours of the morning. And the actual wedding celebration had not even begun!