Monisha & Divyaang’s Indian Wedding in Bangkok: Day 1

Traveling halfway across the world to cover a multi-day wedding for clients whom you’ve never met always adds an edge to our anticipation. What do they look like? Do they love well? We quickly had our answers: Gorgeous and yes! The first time I saw Moni I immediately thought she had the biggest, most luminous eyes I’d ever seen. It was exactly the reason why I had to capture her unique portrait in our earlier post.

Do they love well? Not only do Moni & Div have sweet chemistry, we felt incredibly blessed to have experienced the way Moni & Div love on their friends and family. The mehendi brunch was hosted in the gardens, on a typical 100% humidity, 35 degree Celcius weather day in Bangkok. For the comfort of everyone there, they set up enormous fans that blew cool mist on your skin. It felt like heaven. There were mehendi artists, nail artists, hookahs, champagne, and brunch overlooking a gorgeous view of the Chaophraya River. That evening they threw a welcome party that featured Thai dancers, fire throwers, and a live performance by an Indian musical genius (he played 15 different instruments). By the end of the night they had us dancing on floor with them and even passed off our cameras to a guest who grabbed the very last shot of the post for us. :)