Monisha & Divyaang’s Indian Wedding in Bangkok, Thailand

When Moni & Div contacted us to cover their wedding in Bangkok, we were more than thrilled to experience the beauty of Thailand again. They quickly became our “perfect” clients when they informed us that they hired a team of Indian photographers and videographers to cover the necessary details and group shots of family and friends. What they wanted was for us to be completely free to capture our “art” in any way the wedding inspired us to do so. It was our DREAM commission! Due to the sheer number of images we captured, the wedding is still on the editing table being perfected, but as I work on them, I’m constantly smiling, laughing, tearing up and ogling over the beauty, love and fun that we had the privilege of experiencing. I’m just going to post a few to share with you, but know there will be much more coming from these special days in the weeks to come.

As a side note, Monisha is an artist/designer herself and had a hand in designing all her dresses. Though I loved them all, the one featured in these photos was my absolute fave and she is STUNNING in it.