Nicole + Rylan’s Edmonton Wedding at the Old Timer’s Cabin

Winter wedding couple

Back in my pre-photographer days I worked at an IT consulting firm called Accenture, and one of my cubicle neighbours and work mentors was Karen.  Karen had a young daughter Nicole, and I remember many late afternoons seeing this pretty little chestnut haired girl doing homework next to our cubicles while she waited for her mom to finish up work.  And now 15 years later, all grown up and beautiful in both appearance and spirit, I can’t say enough how full my heart is to witness Nicole and Rylan celebrate their love with their friends and family.

Nicole & Rylan chose the Old Timer’s Cabin to host their event, a historical building in the heart of Edmonton’s River Valley and the ideal venue for a winter wedding.  It’s not everyday in Edmonton that you get the perfect mix of mild weather and gently falling movie-sized snow flakes.  But it was almost like someone had pre-ordered the weather…making the air smell extra crisp as snow flakes dusted our hair and the light even prettier to surround ourselves with.  As if that wasn’t enough, Nicole and Rylan had reserved their favourite wine bar for us to warm up and take photos in.  I knew immediately why Bibo is their favorite hangout.  Not only is its claim to fame being known as Canada’s smallest wine bar, its character and charm offer a tiny space packed full of surprises in an atmosphere of intimacy, friendship and honest conversation.  This matches exactly the type of people Nicole and Rylan are; unconventional, funny, genuine and loyal.  With qualities like these I can understand why their love runs so deep.

Nicole & Rylan, thank you for opening up your lives to us.  I can’t tell you how many times throughout the day, from the getting ready hugs in the morning to the sweet and sentimental speeches at night, I told myself “I love these people!”  You and your crew have something very special and we’re honoured to have been able to document that for you.

And Karen, from my first day at Accenture to my last, you’ve been there for me as a mentor and friend.  All these years later on a completely different path, you continue to support and cheer me on.  There are no words to say how special it’s been for me to be your family’s photographer on Nicole and Rylan’s day.  It was pure joy to document the look of love and pride on your face when you saw Nicole in her dress for the first time and you had me tearing up listening to your speech flowing from a momma’s heart.  Thank you Karen, from the bottom of my heart.  We love you guys!

Bride with flowers

groom putting on socks

groom getting ready

bride getting makeup with bridesmaids

groom getting ready with groomsmen

bride getting makeup done

groom brushing his teeth

bride excited to get ready

bride putting on her wedding dress

bridesmaids reaction to seeing bride in her dress

emotional bridesmaids

emotional moment between groom and his groomsmen

the moment just before the bride walks down the aisle

groom walking down the aisle

bride walking down the aisle

bride and groom first kiss

bride and groom walking down the aisle

bride and groom winter portrait in the snow

winter wedding in the snow

bride and groom portrait

wedding portraits in Bibo Wine Bar

wedding photos in Bibo Wine Bar

Bride black and white portrait

Bride and groom black and white portraits

Couple in the window next to the Open sign

Wedding couple outside in the snow

Winter wedding portraits in the snow

Reception toast

wedding reception first dance