Olivia + Mike’s Montreal Wedding Teaser

Olivia & Mike’s wedding in the heart of Old Montreal fills me up with so much emotion every time I see their images.  I love showing off the beautiful and epic frames we created but the heart of their story is in the tears, laughter and joy that everyone shared.  You’ll even see Dave & myself in a special cameo when Olivia surprised us by insisting her and Mike serve us tea at the tea ceremony.  Despite feeling sort of old as that privilege is usually reserved for the “aunties & uncles”, we were truly honored.  Another first for DQ!  :o)

Image above shot by our young Ninja Logan.  LOVE that huge tear about to fall….

Image above shot by Logan – of course!

Image above shot by Logan.

Couldn’t resist showing a few more frames of the Auberge Le Saint Gabriel .  It’s so quirky and eclectic… the decor is truly a little off the wall.