Rowena + Brent’s Penticton Wedding: Geek-Chic-Sneak-Peek




100619_RB_184951d13862The last couple of weeks have had us on the road trippin’ from Penticton, to Vancouver to Seattle, both shooting and being shot, and best of all hanging with wonderful friends and family.

Rowena & Brent’s wedding in Penticton was the perfect way to kick off our travels.  They chose the beautiful Ponderosa Point Resort as “home” for their friends and family to celebrate with them.   It was the perfect venue for this couple because the words that describe the location also perfectly describe Rowena and Brent:  raw, beauty, serene, natural, warm, organic, free.  How awesome is it that Rowena did not once step into a pair of wedding shoes and spent her entire wedding day barefoot?  Even down the aisle, and yes, even climbing up those rocks!  Born in South Africa, she not only stays true to her roots, but also to her heart.  Rowena LOVES kids.  I mean, she totally comes alive when she’s around little ones.  I love that she made her wedding day a party for the kids, even inviting our own little Cheungitos to take part in the cupcake decorating competition, and gave away prizes and treats to all that were lucky to be young enough.

I have to talk about Brent separately because it is so rare that I see a man look at his wife the way I see him look at Rowena.  When Brent looks at Rowena, his whole face, body and self softens and his eyes are filled with a different light.  It’s like there’s nothing else in the world that matters to him, all in one fleeting moment.  I wish I had a greater arsenal of eloquent words to describe it.  I’m simply left feeling honored to have been witness to such a love.

Rowena & Brent, we had such a blast celebrating with you on the lake.  Thank you for the awesome memories and good times!  Stay tuned for more coming soon!!!