Smita + Navin’s Hyderabad, India Wedding: Pre-Ceremony

When I re-live Smita & Navin’s wedding day at the Taj Krishna through the images we captured I am astounded at just how *much* happened in a single day. So much, in fact, that I’ll have to share the images with you in TWO blog posts. Today’s post is going to show you the morning ghari ceremony, a religious celebration involving a priest, prayers, rice, incense, coconut, and lots of aunties offering a helping hand. As soon as the ghari finished, Smita was off to prep for the late afternoon festivities. I will never, ever tire of photographing a bride as she prepares to see her groom. The moments of beauty and anticipation stolen just for the camera are pure magic.

I’ve often heard that in Indian weddings the groom arrives on a white horse. Could anything be more romantic, more heroic than coming to greet your bride on a pure white horse? But all the visuals my mind could conjure paled in comparison to the arrival of Navin and his entourage. I failed to imagine the marching band musicians, hear the rhythm of bhangra drummers, see not a single but TWO white horses pulling a silver embroidered carriage complete with a parasol, and the dancing…oh the dancing!

Be sure to check back to see the rest of the wedding celebration. I’ll be posting them tomorrow!