Som + Khoury’s Wedding: Geek-Chic-Sneak-Peek





There’s something that happens to me everytime I shoot a wedding.  It’s kind of like being given the key into somebody’s home for just a day.   I feel a complete sense of honor and privilege to enter in the lives of people whom I hadn’t known even months before.  When I get a glimpse of who they really are; the way only Khoury makes Som laugh so hard her nose wrinkles, the way both of them melt whenever Nathan, their son, is close by.  It’s these glimpses that make my heart squeeze…literally I feel like it’s ME who’s fallen in love.

Som & Khoury, thank you for the honor of letting us enter your lives.  You are both amazing people apart, but together you make an incomparable couple.  We are on the edge of our seats, so excited, to share more juicy details from your spectacular day!!!