Som + Khoury’s Wedding Teaser


We already hinted about how stunning Som & Khoury’s wedding day was.  Now it’s time to show you more with a teaser from their day!

**I have to warn all ladies (and some guys) out there who adore their shoes, you will LOVE Som’s shoes. **  Check . them . out:


A special shout-out to the amazing Heidi Dennis, the wedding planner (also producer of Bridal Fantasy tradeshow and Associate Editor for Bridal Fantasy Magazine) who did an incredible job of transforming the Art Gallery of Alberta into a masterpiece itself; blending food, art, culture, colour, lighting, texture all into one and creating such a memorable experience for all who were lucky enough to attend.


What we love most about Som and Koury is that besides the gorgeous gown, fabulous shoes, and countless intricate details of the day, they were still able to be themselves: sweet, caring, loving, and always funny.  I couldn’t help but include this shot of Khoury fighting to open a packet of gum.  In frustration he exclaims “If I can’t even undo this package, how will I ever undo your dress tonight?!”  Love ya guys!  :o)