Staci + Adam’s Chateau Lake Louise Wedding

It’s amazing what can happen when wonderful people, a gorgeous background and overwhelming emotion come together on a wedding day. Staci & Adam brought perfection to their special day in full force and it was such a memorable experience to document. When it comes to love, fun, and laughter, these two put in 110%. Their wedding ceremony unfolded under a shimmering waterfall of crystals, thanks to the creative powers of Firefly Occasions, and the formality of their vows were punctuated by impromptu affirmations and hilarious comments by family & friends.

This day happened to bring two unsung heroines whom I also need to recognize. While we were taking photos, someone actually STOLE Staci’s bouquet… just walked off with it while we weren’t looking. Thank you to the two fabulous ladies vacationing from Australia who recruited their friends, walked almost an hour, found the culprit and brought back Staci’s bouquet, you saved the day! I feel like the most blessed person in the entire world to work with amazing clients on the happiest day of their lives and also meet incredible people who extend their hearts and hands to help total strangers.

And now, enjoy the wonderful moments from Staci & Adam…