Tiffany + Colin’s Wedding: Geek-Chic-Sneak-Peek





My son recently said to me that his favorite images are ones where the people are not posing for the camera. I thought that was pretty insightful for an 8 year old and got me thinking about the power of true emotion and real moments that can speak to people of any age. It reminded me of how wonderfully Tiffany and Colin lived out their wedding day, soaking up every moment with joy and happiness, providing a beautiful foundation upon which we could capture their story. From the excitement of tying up her wedding dress to the laughter at the reception, these in-between moments are fleeting, but so precious.

There’s something about Tiffany & Colin that makes you want to rise to the occasion and go that extra mile for them. When you talk to them, you immediately feel comfortable, accepted and loved in their presence. The goal for their reception was for their guests to have the best time possible, and Tiffany & Colin entertained everyone with a nightclub two-step breaking out into a choreographed hip-hop routine. Awesome way to kick off the dance!

T + C, thank you for inviting us to witness your love, not just for each other but for everyone you surround yourself with. Your wedding at Nakoda Lodge was nothing less than perfect. Can’t wait to show you more!