Tilly + Jeff’s Wedding: Geek-Chic-Sneak-Peek




081-100522_TJ_190936d16397It was an extra special feeling for me to shoot Tilly & Jeff’s wedding.  Jeff is the leader for the band I play on at Rockpointe Church and has become someone I look up to and respect.   Shooting for Jeff & Tilly felt like I was shooting my own family.  Whenever they laughed with joy, I felt my heart grow bigger.  When tears of happiness fell, I felt my eyes fill up.  They are people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and such raw emotion was a joy for us to capture.

Tilly & Jeff, you guys are the real deal.  Yours is a love that will last forever and we were honored to have witnessed the start of something so wonderful.  We cannot wait to share more images with you and the rest of the world!  :o)