Victoria + Jay’s Wedding: Geek-Chic-Sneak-Peek





Victoria & Jay’s wedding was on a day when Dave & I really stepped out of our comfort zones and shot things that were risky and different. It helped that Victoria & Jay had the PERFECT crew to work with: fun and hip, they were eager to do anything for us, and that’s when the magic happens! I LOVE the images we created with them!

My Chic frame is one of my favorite “bridal party” photos from this year, shot at the modern and chic Hotel Arts Hotel. Dave’s Geek shot just makes me wonder “what’s that boy smokin’?!” Not only does the image have the the reflection of the Victoria & Jay, but also their silhouettes, and to top it off the bridal party is having a total blast. Talk about a crazy-sauce image to pull off on a wedding day.

Victoria & Jay, you were our perfect “muse” couple: we felt this freedom in shooting you to push the boundaries of our craft. Your stunning couture gown, Louboutin shoes, and swanky backdrop of the Hotel Arts set the foundation for us to meld fashion and emotional storytelling. We have so much more waiting for you and I’m super excited to share!