Zahra + Surf’s Calgary Wedding

There is something irresistible to me about photographing Indian weddings. Perhaps it’s the vibrancy of color, the intricate ceremonies, the many blessings, the gorgeous outfits, the amazing food, the full out dance party….or maybe it’s the people. Zahra & Surf made this wedding in particular a lasting memory for me. From our very first meeting we were immediately attracted to their cheeky humor, love for their African homeland, and passion to create something truly unique to remember these first special hours as a married couple.

Many months back when Surf emailed me to book our services for their wedding he wrote: “50 years from now when we look at our wedding pictures (when Zahra is all old and wrinkly, and I still look like I’m 30), we want to see DQ’s signature on them”. I have a feeling that 50 years from now (when Dave & I are all old and wrinkly, and Zahra & Surf still look like they’re 30) we’ll still feel such privilege to have photographed their big day.