Whether you're an aspiring photographer or established pro, you've found the right place. This page contains useful links to upcoming workshops, speaking engagements, products& services we dig, and info of a more personal nature.

Stuff we use we think you'll like


Photo Retouching: Motibodo for Adobe Lightroom

If you use Adobe Lightroom, check out Motibodo. Created out of our addiction to personally perfect each and every image, it's the backbone of our post-processing workflow. We can't imagine retouching without it.


Livestreaming: OBS Settings

Not one to keep secrets on my love of livestreaming, I've created an entire website as a resource (both free and paid) for those wanting to dive into the brave new world of livestreaming - Livestreamgeek.com  Of note is this popular $50 video tutorial on how to flawlessly sync OBS audio and video without drift even over long livestreams.

Gear & Personal blog

On a more personal note, you can find out more about our passion for family, food, faith and even the photo gear we use  at our personal blog: NotSoAncientChineSecrets.com